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Gilmore Girls FanFic Chat-a-thon

Support Stacie

Chat-a-thon Schedule
GG Lorelai Rory Couch
Are you ready to party? Are you ready to grill your favorite author?

Here's the schedule for this weekend's chat-a-thon. ALL TIMES ARE EST.

Saturday April 4th, 2009
2:00 PMlulu
2:30 PMMags
3:00 PMphishes
3:30 PMILoveLukey
4:00 PMJewels12
4:30 PMLorelaiSquared (Squid)
5:00 PMJmaka
5:30 PMDreamerforever (AdinaRJ)

Sunday April 5th, 2009
5:30 PMFilo
6:00 PMFinnigan Geist
6:30 PMNinjasquid (Ninja)
7:00 PMRobinpoppins
7:30 PMbigbagofweird (BOOM)
8:00 PMOlivia Jane
8:30 PMDiehardJavajunkie14 (Java)
9:00 PMPooh

See you there!

Chat Room Instructions
GG Diner Love
Registering for the chat...Collapse ) Entering the chat room...Collapse )

Wanna Chat with a Certain Author????
hugs Iwannamags

By now you have read[info]lukecanwaltz88's  posting of oodles and oodles of information regarding the Author Chat-A-Thon.

Now let[info]mag1 or[info]jewelsverne  or[info]iwannahorn  stalk contact any author out there that you would like the opportunity to chat with on-line.  We will try our hardest to persuade them to participate.

Are there questions about a story out there that you love? Are you dying to ask why an author took a certain direction? Comment below with the author’s screen name and please include which site they publish their stories on and we will try our bestest!

I love GG authors. I worship them. I have pictures of them up on the mantle at home wth the Virgin Mary a glass of wine and a dollar bill next to their frames.

April Author Chat-a-thon!
For those of you waiting with bated breath for the next Gilmore Girls chat-a-thon, (hopefully you have been cheating and breathing through your noses), you may now exhale! We are officially looking for authors to participate in the next Support Stacie chat-a-thon! Since our last chat, there have been many more epic stories written, new authors to find their way to Stars Hollow, and undoubtedly, new questions that you're just dying to ask! Well, now's your chance!

Because we didn't exactly go with the "same bat time, same bat channel" as last time, and we have some participants that are just joining us, here's the stuff you need to read, even though we know you're tempted to skip it and leave a pretty comment at the end. 

Seriously, don't skip this part, it's important.  ;-)

Since our chat-a-thon was such a success last time around, we want to make it just as fantastic this time.  To do that, we need your help! After all the dirty jokes, all the obscure references, and all the stalking flattery, this is ultimately a Support Stacie event. So, we decided that it would be a great idea to plan this chat-a-thon so that it runs during the Support Stacie Author Auction!  All Gilmore Girls authors signed up for the auction are encouraged to sign up for the chat-a-thon as well. 

Here are the dates and times for the chat-a-thon:

*All times listed are EST*

Saturday, April 4, 2009: 2:00 pm- 6:00 pm
Sunday, April 5, 2009: 6:00 pm-9:00 pm

*All times listed are EST*

If you are a Gilmore Girls author who is willing to make yourself available for a 30 minute time slot on one of these days, please leave us a comment with the following information by Wednesday, March 25th, 2009:

TWoP/BWR/FF.net Name:
Email address:
Your three preferred time slots:

What time zone are you in?:
Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?:

If you are a reader, start thinking about what you want to ask those authors between now and the chat-a-thon! Whether you have to make a list, write a song, or have the questions tattooed on your butt? Wait, forget the butt, you couldn't read them.  On your forehead? No, you would have to write them backwards and then get up from the computer to go read them in the mirror.  Do what you please with the questions, as long as you ask them at the chat-a-thon!  [EDIT TO ADD: If you have an author in mind that you don't see signed up here, head over to this entry to request that we brainwash them into participating get in touch with them!]

If you have any questions about the auction details, don’t hesitate to email Filo at Filo1977@gmail.com.

Yay! You read that whole thing and didn’t skip the important parts! Waffle is very happy.  Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? (Dirty!)

NOW you can leave a pretty comment.

Stars Hollow Meet and Greet

At last! Gilmore Girls fans finally have the opportunity to meet in person for a weekend celebration of all that makes this fandom so much fun! Join us as we pig out on great food, watch our favorite episodes together, engage in discussions about the show and fandom, enjoy hilarious skits by fellow fandom nuts, and make friends for life! And did we mention the Karaoke and Cocktails evening? It’s all included in one package price as we make memories that will last a lifetime at this very special Meet &Greet event, hosted by SupportStacie.net! Come join the fun this February in Kansas City !
Mark Your Calendars! The weekend of activities will take place Friday, February 27 through Sunday, March 1, 2009 in Kansas City , MO !
click here for MORE information - If you have any questions, stop by the Meet and Greet thread. It's located in the Luke's Diner in the Gilmore Girls Forum

Fan Fic on Demand Author Auction

I was just over at Support Stacie looking at the auction pages. They have some more new authors and a ton of fandoms are represented. Of course I haven't heard of some, but I live a pretty sheltered life, lol. They also have some banners for pimping. Some of them are beautiful and are quite obviously the work of anniepoo98- she does such beautiful and distinctive work.

Author Auction September 8 - 14
Author Sign Up Forms Due: Friday, September 5, 2008
All interested authors should download this form, fill it out, and email it back to supportstacie@gmail.com If you have any trouble filling it out and emailing it back, you can also fax it to my personal eFax at (224) 612-5808.

Story Lengths:
We've set up a guideline indicating what the opening bids will be for fics ranging from 2,500-20,000 words minimum. The word count each author commits to will be the basis for our opening bids:
Minimum 2,500 words (Opening Bid $5)
Minimum 5,000 words (Opening Bid $10)
Minimum 10,000 words (Opening Bid $15)
Minimum 20,000 words (Opening Bid $20)
If you are interested in committing to a larger fic, feel free to indicate that on your sign-up sheet, along with your suggestion for the opening bid. We'd rather not have fics smaller than 2,500 words. Of course, if you sign up for a particular word count and then exceed that, nobody will be objecting!
Authors are asked to commit to only one fanfic per fandom. If you write in multiple fandoms, you are welcome to sign up for multiple fics.

We ask all authors to promote the Author Auction on their own blogs, LJs, etc., as well as any other sites possible. Remember, without notifying your readers, you may not receive many bids. Given the purpose of the auction, we obviously need you to help us by spreading the word.

Author Info:
Information about each author, including their preferred fandoms, links to their fics, and any restrictions they place on your bid (E.g., Please state your restrictions. We all have things we don’t like to write or can’t write as easily, so please let us know if you prefer not to write slash or het, a certain pairing, a certain setting or era in your fandom, etc. If you are sure that you are able to quickly write any fic with no restrictions at all, please write “No Restrictions” in this box.

Bidding Process:
· Bids will be taken at supportstacieauctions@gmail.com
· Bidders should note the authors' descriptions and fic links so that there are no misinformed expectations. (E.g., please don't expect a het writer to produce a slash fic, or expect a Harry Potter writer to produce a "Gilmore Girls" fic!)
· The winning bidder will be posted on the website and notified by email.
· Payment is due immediately.
· Once we notify the author that we've received the winning bidder's payment, the author will get to work writing the fic according to the winners specifications.

Any restrictions regarding public distribution of the fic are to be determined exclusively by the author and the winning bidder. If the author and winner decide to make the fic public, we would love the opportunity to post the fic on SupportStacie.net. The author and winner are also welcome to freely distribute this on other sites should they so desire.

This fundraiser is open to ALL FANDOMS!
I know I have a lot of great friends in the Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Roswell, Twilight and X-men fandoms. I interact with so many of you amazing people on a regular basis, and from that I've come to appreciate and respect your amazing hearts. Please, please, please consider helping out! Take a look at supportstacie.org or supportstacie.net or just contact me if you have any questions about the history of our fundraising efforts. The bottom line is that you'll be helping a dear friend, wife and mother (and darn good cook!) receive treatment for her cancer. 1) If you're an author, please sign up!

How You can Help:

2) If you're a reader, please commit to bidding! If yours is not the winning bid, remember that you can still donate that amount via the paypal link at supportstacie.net.
3) If you're reading this post, please spread the word!

Why are we doing this?
Without health insurance, the hospital has informed Stacie that she will be unable to receive any further hospital treatments unless a substantial payment is made towards the cost of her ongoing medical care. As she currently has 3 small tumors, this is not an option. Please help Stacie by showing the love and compassion I know you are all capable of towards a fellow fandom nut.

Additional details will be forthcoming, but if you have any questions, please email supportstacie@gmail.com or feel free to leave your questions here.

Thank you all!

Q&A with adina and DippersBaby
GG Diner Love
Under the cuts are the questions and answers from adina and DippersBaby. Thanks to all of you that submitted questions, and a special thanks to the two authors for taking the time to answer all the questions!

Questions and answers from adina...Collapse )

Questions and answers from DippersBabyCollapse )

Post Chat-a-Thon Author Chat, Featuring Adina and DippersBaby!
GG: Lorelai & Rory
The official chat-a-thon may be over, but that doesn't mean we get to stop asking you guys to do stuff   :) 

Two authors that were originally on the chat-a-thon schedule, adina and DippersBaby, had some real life stuff come up and they had to step down from their timeslots. But, both expressed interest in taking some questions and answering them in another forum. Interested? I thought so.

Adina has 5 stories up on the BWR and is a lover of all things Milo Ventimigula. One of her stories, "Come Away With Me" takes an alternate spin of the events of LWFTWT, where Rory says yes when Jess asks her to run away with him. Not only did she write for VS8, she was the webmaster/graphic designer extrodinarre for the Virtual Season website. DippersBaby has 3 stories in the BWR archive and also has the great distinction of being a VS8 writer. Her story "A Dark Day No More" has one of the best Luke's Dark Day smut scenes that I know of and is a must read. I know for a fact that both ladies are highly entertaining and any questions that you might have for them would be answered in a way that will please you all. 

So, here's how this is going to work. Send your questions to Filo at Filo1977@gmail.com, and make sure to put the author's name in the subject line, so we can keep things straight. We will then send the master list of questions to the authors. Adina and Dippers will answer the questions and will send their answers to us and we will then post their responses to the site. Sound good?

Now, get busy coming up with those questions! I know the authors will appreciate it.

Choose Your Own Adventure...
GG Ordinary Friday Night
We've gotten a great response from all of you about the chat-a-thon and us organizers are glad you all had a good time. We've gotten a number of questions about when the next chat would be, and we also have thought of something else, so if you wouldn't mind, how about filling out the polls below?

Poll #1194086 When should we have the next Chat-a-Thon?
This poll is closed.

Did you have any other difficulties other than technical ones (pace too fast, etc.)?

Yes (please explain further in comments).

Did you feel an hour was too long for each author?

Yes, an hour for each author was so long I thought it would never end.
I thought an hour was just right.
No, an hour wasn't long enough for me to get to ask all my questions.

Do you think another chat-a-thon in August would be too soon?

Yes, way too soon. I need time to catch up on my sleep.
I think it would be the perfect time to have another one.
No, it's too far away. I need more chat!

Should we make the chat-a-thon an annual event?

Yes! Chatting once a year is a wicked kewl idea!
I think we should have one twice a year!
Nah, I think we covered it all with this one.

The other idea we came up with was a fanfic discussion club. We figure we'd vote on a fic every month to read and then at a designated time, we'd all go to the chat room and talk all about the fic (and maybe even pick at the author's brain if they are available). What do you think?
Poll #1194087 Interested in a Fic Discussion Club?
This poll is closed.

Would you be interested in a fic discussion club where we discuss a different fic each month?

Snarf yeah, bring it!
Eh, maybe. It'd depend on some things (please respond in comments).
Nope, I like ponder on my fic questions by myself.

How often should this discussion club meet?

Every other month.
Every month.
Every couple of weeks.
Other (please respond in comments).